The Top 3 Signs You Should Quit Betting

The betting industry is evolving and constantly growing, so no wonder many people try their luck enjoying sports betting. Betting has many advantages: you can win money, and betting lets you combine winning money with the pleasure of doing something connected to your favorite sports.

Have you already placed bets on sports in 22Bet App or on the other betting platforms? Then you should take a look at this list of some red flags: you should quit betting and be aware of possible problems caused by pathological gambling. And the term gambling in this context can also be applied to placing bets. Actually sports betting can be considered a type of gambling.

You are borrowing money to bet on sports

money to bet on sports

This is perhaps the most dangerous manifestation of gambling addiction. The obsessive thought that it is necessary to take a loan and bet a couple of games on the next “sure thing” and then you win for sure and return the money to your friend, even double. Unfortunately, it is a red flag that you are already addicted to gambling and should contact your online betting company and have your account closed.

You are not ready to make research about betting

No doubt, it can be fun: betting on the total of a third-division soccer match in some Northern European country, where more goals are scored than the players in the starting lineup. But it is closer to gambling than to entertainment.

While making bets on the matches of your favorite team/athlete, on the championship of your country, and on major world tournaments, a person usually knows more or less what he is betting on, he often watches these matches and gets the adrenaline from the bet while watching the game. Risking money for bets must be based on sports betting expertise. So, if you are not well-informed about football clubs, leagues, and footballers, you’d better quit betting and continue reading about football.

You are getting obsessed with betting

obsessed with betting

In modern adult life the cause of such situations – in a family already created by yourself – is often gambling on the Internet, including betting on sports. Is your daughter the last one to leave an extended class at school because daddy bet on a particularly important match in play? So, you need not delay to set priorities in life, and not be in favor of betting.  If you think about betting too often, you should also be careful with betting.


If you have found yourself at least one of the signs listed above, then urgently analyze how you play at the bookmaker, and change for the better. If you saw yourself in two or three of the described signs of addiction to betting on sports, it is recommended you make a long pause in the game, or even forget your way to the bookmaker’s office (or close your account on the betting site). Quitting betting is not easy, especially if you have some signs of gambling addiction, and don’t hesitate to take support from other people, for example, psychotherapists and your loved ones. 

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