The main types of bets in 1xBet

Simple bet

A single bet is a bet on a specific outcome. To calculate the return on a single bet, the stake is multiplied by the odds of your selection.

Accumulator effort

An accumulator bet is a bet made up of multiple selections on unrelated events. To calculate the return of an accumulator, the bet is multiplied by the corresponding odds for all selections within the accumulator. If at least one step fails, the entire bet is lost.

System bet

A system bet is a bet consisting of several accumulators of the same size on a predetermined number of outcomes. The maximum number of accumulators in a system is 184756. The maximum number of results in a system is 20. To calculate the payout, the returns from all accumulators included in the system are added together.


A chain consists of several single bets on unrelated outcomes. The bet for each unique bet is equal to the bet on the very first selection, which is renewed with each bet won.

Advance bet

Advance bet

Advance bets are offered to the customer based on the potential return on draw bets.


An anti-accumulator is the opposite of an accumulator in terms of bet settlement, meaning that the bet wins if the relevant accumulator loses. The bet must include two or more selections on unrelated events and the bet wins if at least one selection loses.

The combined odds for an anti-accumulator are calculated based on the inverse of the probability of winning for an accumulator consisting of the same legs.


A multiple bet is a combination of accumulators and single bets. A multiple bet may or may not include a lobby bet.

Conditional betting

Conditional betting

A conditional bet is a combination of bets (single and cumulative bets) on unrelated outcomes. The player may, at his discretion, determine the order of the results involved in a conditional bet. All results are settled in the order indicated on the betting slip. The player can determine the bet on each outcome at his discretion.

The letter

A patent involves all possible accumulators derived from a defined number of selections. The minimum number of selections is 3 and the maximum number of selections is 8. To win, at least one accumulator must be correctly predicted (meaning a minimum of two selections must be correctly predicted).

There is no standard scheme to get rich on sports betting in 1xbet. Beginners use ready-made strategies and with enough experience they develop their winning strategies. Many 1xbet users use predictions from experienced players.

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